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of the house sent us a proposal that was two pages long. >> yesterday afternoon after all of that back and forth, republicans delivered a formal counteroffer. it was virtually identical to the proposal the president rejected a week ago, but with more detail. the congressional liaison met with boehner's top aide and last night he called boehner himself all to make sure they didn't start trashing each other's proposal. the white house is on the cautiously optimistic side. the house republicans are on the cautiously pessimistic side. they will get a deal and boehner's strong statement on the house floor was for effect for his own problem. they didn't want to make major concessions or counteroffers until boehner admits publicly that the tax rates are going up. this is a little bit of a game of chicken. so far that has not happened. mitch mcconnell seemed to acknowledge when it comes to rates, the president holds all the cards. >> what are the president is trying to achieve on the top two tax rates, he can do another. the law is certainly stacked in his favor. >> interesting way mcconnell w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1